Why choose QL Induction Lighting?


QL Induction Lighting is one of the leading and sustainable lighting solutions. QL Induction Lighting was introduced in 1992 by Philips and Nedap Light Controls and has proven to be one of the world’s most reliable lighting solutions. The extreme high dependability lies with the electrodeless lamp construction in combination with superior electronic HF Generator technology.

Induction lighting offers all the benefits that end users are looking for:

  • Ultra long life system (100,000+ hours)
  • No color shift
  • Virtually maintenance free lighting
  • High performance in hot/cold environments
  • Crisp white light (CRI 80+) in three color options

1-10V dimming is a new feature that will further upgrade the QL system’s performance. For many applications the QL Induction Lighting solution will outperform other lighting systems. 

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